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Implement plan
Implement Plan | Plan of Action

The “strategic financial plan” is the long-term road map for implementing the district’s instructional priorities. A “plan of action” describes how the strategic financial plan will be translated into coherent actionable steps.


  • Develop a strategic financial plan informed by the district's priorities
  • Create an implementation plan with clear accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Develop a budget document that outlines the district's 'story'

Develop a Plan of Action

Roles and responsibilities for implementing the strategic financial plan should be made clear for greater accountability.


  • Level 1: Develop a plan of action that describes steps to implement the instructional priorities. Identify the people who will lead those steps.
  • Level 2: Include sources of evidence on whether or not the steps outlined by the plan are being taken.
  • Level 3: Include guidance on personnel counts and other critical resourcing assumptions. Also, process for review and adjustment of the plan is clear.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Win: Sketch out steps that are necessary to implement and monitor instructional priorities.
  • Why important?  Clearly identifies actions needed to be taken and considered – and foundational to good implementation.