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Smarter School Spending Framework

Smarter School Spending is an educational movement started by districts for districts to help increase student achievement during these times of both greater expectations and greater budget constraints. It introduces a new way of aligning resources (people, time, and money) with your district's student achievement goals.

Understanding the Framework

Developing strategies to better align resources to meet student outcome goals.

The framework steps provide a guide to develop a collaborative budget process by: setting expectations of what the process will achieve; thoroughly examining underlying causes of achievement gaps and developing goals and strategies to overcome the gaps; analyzing current spending to allocate resources accordingly; crafting a well developed implementation plan; and finally, measuring performance and adjusting as necessary.

When you visit each of the framework steps you will learn the following:



Clearly lay out what a district can expect to accomplish by implementing the recommendations provided within each of the framework steps.

Step in Process

Each of the five framework steps consist of smaller, more manageable steps to provide detailed guidance, examples and resources to districts to help implement the recommended improvements.


Include a wide array of information from articles, templates, and research to actual examples of work product from districts who have utilized the Smarter School Spending framework to improve their budget process.

Self Assessment


How can I get started?

Check out the free set of process and tools and begin your district's path to creating a better future for your students.

Your Quick Wins

  • Tips for getting started on implementing the Smarter School Spending framework
  • Includes brief explanation of importance of items being highlighted
  • And how this will help your district better align resources and student outcomes