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Implement plan
Implement Plan | Allocate to School Sites

The “strategic financial plan” is the long-term road map for implementing the district’s instructional priorities. A “plan of action” describes how the strategic financial plan will be translated into coherent actionable steps.


  • Develop a strategic financial plan informed by the district's priorities
  • Create an implementation plan with clear accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Develop a budget document that outlines the district's 'story'

Allocate Resources to Individual School Sites

Resources have the most direct impact at school sites and should be allocated transparently and consistent with the district’s overall strategy.


  • Level 1: Examine and follow the GFOA Best Practice guidelines for staff ratio and / or site-based budgeting allocation methods.
  • Level 2: Allocation process considers the full cost of staff compensation, consolidates funding from all sources, and take steps to identify possible resource inequities between school sites.
  • Level 3: Allocate to programmatic elements, rather than just objects of expenditure.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Wins: Make sure your current allocation uses most recent enrollment, uses full cost of compensation, and is understandable and articulated to school leaders.
  • Why important? District leaders will be able to make better and more fully informed decisions.